Super Brief Update & NAME THE BUS

So as you've probably gleaned by now, I'm terrible at updates, timeliness, and deadlines. It's part of the reason I'm ducking out of the traditional workforce in order to engineer my own way in the world. I'd meant to write up the thrilling tale of my trip out to pick up the bus from New Jersey with my copilot, Sam, but I've decided that it's more of a fun webcomic story for later. So sit tight on that. It was hilarious! Thrilling! Daring! Illegal!

The big update for today is that I've got my Etsy store up and running and am slowly adding inventory!

I've decided that, while I like the customization options available from having my own online store via Wix, it just doesn't get the exposure/searchability that Etsy traffic affords. That said, I did pre-pay a full year on this e-store hosting plan, so the online store will stay for another 350something days. Hooray!

The bus is slowly sinking into the muddy mudscape of Illinois on the farm with a dead battery at the moment, but no worries: she was made to endure! I've been spitballing ideas on what to name my bus friend... Maybe Ladyhawke or Lady Bird, since I'd like to leave the main Bluebird insignia at the top of the bus if it's possible in all the renovation.

What do you think, friends? What should I name the bus?

PS: Featured image is my grandpa running into his buddy Bigfoot at HuHot Mongolian Grill. He had me 'take this picture' to prove to his coffee house friends that he was real. Shucks.

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