I'm Starting My Own Bus Nest

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

**Anticipated Life Announcement**

Dear friends, family, and those weird folks in between who don't speak to me but care about what I'm doing anyway.

I've put in notice at my job with Kirkwood and bought a retired school bus.

I will not renew my apartment lease.

I do not have a new job lined up.

I do not have any guarantee that this will work the way I want it to.


I'm so anal
You have no idea how many iterations this logo went through, folks.

Welcome to my new, re-vamped website. I started the concept a while ago to share my art, to blog, and to sell some things, but life got in the way. Project Ánthrōpos got its name from the Greek word and root meaning human being, humanity, or that which makes one human. The word appealed to me as an anthropologist (if that's what we are calling folks who've worked office and retail positions most of their professional lives, but got a BA in anthropology), and as a current student of the humanities, mythology, and depth psychology. It appeals now to my renewed sense of wonder and awe at the possibilities within that concept.

Today, Project Ánthrōpos is Project ÁnthrōBUS as I catalog my adventures in revamping my 2002 GMC school bus and become a self-sufficient artist on the road. Bus and I will be co-evolving into richer, more complex somethings than we were before! So for these purposes, melded human and machine "ÁnthrōBUS" is her name for now, but I am anticipating she will tell me what she prefers once we get acquainted. AB was purchased from a New Jersey small town and will be on her way here already this week! I lucked out winning an auction that ended in the middle of the night after being tenaciously outbid at the last second for several other hopefuls. Final price for my 54 passenger, 36' bus? $1050.00

I will be #KerouacingOff, if you will. Replace the need for motorcycle maintenance with diesel engine literacy, and it's basically the same.

Here's how you can participate/help me out on this new adventure:

  • Visit the bottom of my home page and throw some crumbs into my Bus Repair Fund! Even though the bus I chose is from a wealthier school district and was kept in good working order, it is over 15 years old!

  • Like/Share/Donate using the footer buttons at the bottom of any page!

  • Visit my Shop Page! I'm selling art originals, prints, and all the random stuff that I'm not taking with me on the bus! Help me downsize while helping me kick off that whole "self-sufficiency" part.

  • Contact me and give me a job to do for money!

That's all for now! Lots of blood, sweat, and tears ahead. Hope to see you all as we move on down this funky road.

xoxo KathrynAnthropy

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