Hitting the Road

Tomorrow is the day! My gracious volunteer co-pilot and I will be flying out to frigid Newark, NJ early tomorrow morning from frigid Chicago, IL and driving 900 miles back to my parents' farm (shout out to Monkey Farm Animal Rescue and Sanctuary). All I have to go on for the condition of this bus is what is listed here. I am placing my fate in the fickle hands of the universe and hoping against all hope (and Mercury's dumb retrograde that started today) that the bus makes it back with no issue--but 900 miles is a long trek.

From my digging online in other skoolie communities, I found out that I could get the bus insured by Progressive for at least a couple of weeks so I'll be covered for roadside assistance, I believe. But that piece of advice was a loophole that only works because Progressive awards insurance immediately after a first month's payment to any vehicle you submit. They may boot me off of insurance soon, so there's another ball in the air :) The adventure has begun, whether I'm ready or no!

Once we arrive in Tampico, the conversion process begins! I have a tenative conversion schedule planned, but I'm taking it a few steps at a time. Those of you who know me will already know that I suffer from anxiety, depression, and some kinda nebulous ASD. I will get overwhelmed and I will cry and break down and give up MANY TIMES and I have to be prepared for that. To mitigate, I will have lorazepam, family support, and this blog to keep me steady.

The so-far plan:

Step 1: Remove all the seats! Though bus is a 2002, I hope there will be minimal rust to deal with in twisting off those bolts. There's plenty of WD40 on the farm though--and there's never been a pickle jar in the world that's defeated my stubborn wrenching.

Step 2: Address rust and holes revealed by the seat removal. Remove the original floor, add insulation and install a subfloor. Again from other skoolie blogs, I'm told this is a MUST. Today in Chicago, it started out at about 10 degrees. My footsies will not be dealing with an un-insulated floor with those wind chills whipping up underneath. NO SIR.

Two steps doesn't seem like a big start, but I expect this will take some time and supplies I don't currently have available. I'm still working full-time about 2 hours away from the bus's future home, so we'll be getting acquainted on weekends! More updates to come--I will be posting photos from the trip on facebook and instagram--go to the Contact Me page to follow my accounts.

Onward to Bus Life!


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