My Skoolie Project


This page chronicles my experience converting my retired bus into a rolling tiny home and art studio.

The original art and prints available for purchase helps fund my adventure and feed my cats, who really appreciate it!


- Lil Derp & KathrynAnthropy

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Skills Needed For the following Projects

  • Install solar panels and subsequent electrical wiring for appliances within.

    • Supplies acquired already: 4 flexible marine-grade 120W solar panels, solar controller, bundles of wire​.

  • Cut and raise bus roof to create a sturdy rear loft for bedroom area that will hold up to road travel.

    • Supplies acquired already: simple stick welding machine​, lumber.

  • Custom build cabinet storage, bed loft, roof-top rails, kitchen counters, bathroom space.

  • Install plumbing, water pump, water heater, and water tank for bathroom and kitchen. 

  • Sew custom insulating curtains, seat covers, and dash covering. 

  • Custom build cat trees/wall-mounted climbing platforms.

  • Mechanical support for the inner engine workings (potentially ongoing!)

  • De-rust and weatherproof exterior and underside of the bus. DONE

  • Re-wire bus starter to bypass safety locks involving stop signs, emergency exits, etc. DONE

Help me out!


Wish List

If you want to support but hate the idea of throwing money at a person, I'm constantly adding to my wish list! 


Peruse things that would be helpful for the bus and/or its inhabitants by clicking

Pencil and notepad