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Welcome to my website!

This page is currently dedicated to chronicling my experiences with converting my retired school bus into a rolling tiny home for me and my feline friends.  Feel free to look around! Updates are being added all the time.                                             

                                                                              - xoxo

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Beggar's Corner


It takes a village, right? 

I'm learning new skills in bus destruction and home-building via the internet, random community college faculty conversations, and trial & error all the time... 

but is it ideal?

*shrug emoji*

If you'd like to lend your expertise or muscles in this wacky bus re-purposing adventure, send me a message below! 

I bought a bus for this project at a GREAT price. That great price came with an "as-is" label. So, I anticipate repairs in addition to the cost of the conversion. 

Every penny helps!

Skills Needed For the following Projects

If you want to support but hate the idea of throwing money at someone, I'm constantly adding to my wish list! 

Peruse things that would be helpful for the bus and/or its inhabitants by clicking below.

  • Install solar panels and subsequent electrical wiring for appliances within.

  • Re-wire bus starter to bypass safety locks involving stop signs, emergency exits, etc.

  • Cut and raise bus roof to create a sturdy rear loft for bedroom area that will hold up to road travel.

  • Custom build cabinet storage, bed loft, roof-top deck, kitchen counters, bathroom space.

  • Install plumbing, water pump, water heater, and water tank for bathroom and kitchen. 

  • "Movement-proof" the bus for traveling safety.

  • Custom build cat trees/wall-mounted climbing platforms.

  • De-rust and weatherproof exterior and underside of the bus.

Adventure Supplies!

 Can you help?!